Rescue—such a powerful word, and one that portrays the very nature of God! He is a God of rescue. The cross is the epitome of rescue—God reaching into our broken situations, where we were bound by sin and unable to save ourselves, to deliver us and make us His own. It follows, then, that rescue is the nature of the church He created through that cross. All around the world and in our neighborhoods, there are people who need to be rescued—from sin, from slavery, and from senseless suffering.

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

Proverbs 24:11


Each year we will strive to present the love of Jesus to more than 20,000 people within our region, with a goal to see more than 120 people commit their lives to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Our goal is to reach out to the suffering in our local communities. We will feed, clothe, house, and train everyone we can to bring about transformed lives.


Slavery is an epidemic that the church cannot ignore. There are more slaves today than there have ever been in history. Many of them are sex slaves. We will work non-stop to see as many victims freed as possible and as many perpetrators jailed as possible.


The Family of Manna Churches is involved in 68 countries around the world, seeing thousands of people give their lives to the Lord annually.


The Reach Out Celebration (ROC) is Manna Church’s annual flagship event. The goal of the ROC is threefold: First of all, it provides the opportunity to unveil our Outreach Strategy for the coming year. Secondly, it allows members to meet and connect with some of our ministry partners from around the world. Finally, it invites you to take ownership of our Outreach Strategy by your praying, giving, and going. We have various opportunities throughout the event for you to connect with these ministry partners by joining with them in prayer, traveling to assist them on a short-term trips, and financially backing them through the Reach Out Celebration (ROC) Offering. Our 2020 ROC will be held in February.

Outreach Opportunities

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